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Safety First

Annuity doctor  

The quality of any investment or insurance is only as good as the company making the guarantee.  We believe in making an indepth ...

If your annuity hurts, we can make it feel better.  We repurpose old annuities and life insurance policies ... 

I'm Sean Nikas and I have searched for the lowest fee and commission annuities from dozens of insurance companies. I have uncovered some truly great investments. Call me at 503-585-8050 to get your questions about these investments answered. Take a look below for more about my investment strategies & services offered. 

Tax free investment income


We specialize in programs to maximize tax free and tax deferred income.


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iRa minimum


The IRA minimum distribution rules can put your portfolio in serious risk. You could be forced to sell a significant portion of your IRA portfolio during a market downturn or crash. Even if you don't need the money the government will still force yo to sell within their time frame. In fact the bigger the downturn the bigger the percentage of your portfolio you will be forced to sell. My search for the lowest fee annuities has uncovered great investments to solve this problem. 

cd style annuities

multi-year guarantee

Interest paid daily! Nothing is so satisfying as watching your money grow each and every day. Daily compounding interest and current rates that beat any bank CD available today.

These are annuities are usually 3 to 5 year investment though longer ones with even higher interest rates are available. Most of this type of  annuity allow monthly withdraws of accrued interest. All interest earned is tax deferred so you don't pay taxes on interest until you take the interest out of the account.

Roth ira

tax free income 

For the small or middle class investor the ROTH IRA is the first place to save for your retirement. The opportunity to generate tax free retirement income and create real wealth to pass on to your loved ones is important.   If you are in your 50's or 60's now is the time to start planning your retirement income. 

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